Inanna Kaizen

Helpless bones were hers to snap, helpless skin was hers to rip, sweet red rivers, hers to drink. She had to do it. She had to know. With her eyes and hands, with all her body, she had to see.


  • Name: Inanna "Ishtar" Kaizen

  • Nicknames: Ina, Dove, Memory Thief, Shadowed One

  • Race: Ancient/Viera

  • Age: Appears somewhere between 20-24

  • Class/Job: Reaper

  • Gender: Female

  • Sexual orientation: Heterosexual

  • Relationship status: Madly in love and bonded to Aren Kaizen

  • Currently living: Ishgard/Kugane

  • Job: Bartender at Null and Void

  • Height: 5 fulmes and 6 ilms

  • Body build: Thin with curves in the right places

  • Other physical characteristics: Has scarification on her right collarbone in Amaurotian and a voidsent contract mark covering her back in the shape of a serpent intertwined with Elpis flowers.

  • Hair: Black (but changes from time to time.)

  • Eye color: Platinum

  • Unique trait: Sometimes appears to have a shadow unlike her shadowless counterparts.

  • Aether Color: Platinum, light and fragile, surrounded by splashes of dense crimson.

  • Personality: Judgemental, sarcastic, aloof, passionate and cold. Once someone gets past her exterior, Inanna is kindhearted, romantic, and loyal to a fault.


Before the Sundering

Ishtar was a brilliant youth who showed immense promise for memory restoration and conservation. She could often be found deep within Anamnesis Anyder where she studied with some of the most brilliant minds in Amaurot as they recorded memories. If not actively engaging in conservation, Ishtar would be attending lectures which often resulted in arguments between her and her fellow researchers.Ishtar was on the radar of the Elders of Anamnesis and hoped that with the right mentorship and training that she could one day join their ranks. There were concerns about the young researcher however, Ishtar was combative and quick to verbally challenge anyone including her superiors. Her search for knowledge was so encompassing that she was often cruel to subjects, forcing them to endure unethical levels of pain and discomfort in an effort to obtain the results she looked for.Her thirst for knowledge and immense curiosity often blinded her to the potential repercussions of her actions and she often saw rules as nothing more than roadblocks to bypass on her journey of innovation.As the end drew near, Ishtar worked on devising a way to enact her theory of memory harvesting in secret, but without a test subject, she could not prove if her theory was correct. As the world burned and crashed around her, Ishtar used her last moments to prepare a way to collect her own memories from the lifestream at the moment of her death, preserving them within the depths of Anamnesis.


Pashtarot would later remark that bringing Ishtar back was a mistake. Now known as Inanna, the Ascian with eerie platinum eyes was full of nothing but rage and malice. Unbeknownst to the other Ascians and Unsundered alike, Inanna's personality had fractured with her memories, leaving nothing but a obsessive mind full of venom.Pashtarot kept Inanna asleep, letting her dream in the Rift, only awakening her to interrogate an unfortunate soul who tried to hide information that Pashtarot believed to could assist with his latest scheme. She would sleep and awaken to torture out information for centuries, never sure if she was asleep for mere moments or decades.Inanna would often have dreams of Anamnesis but without all her memories rejoined, the importance of this location was lost to her. Luckily, she was tasked to work with Mitron on the First and eventually found the location of her dreams. It would be there that she would regain her memories and become restored, but at a price.With her newfound knowledge came paranoia about others discovering the methods of how she rejoined herself. Inanna used the calamity on the First to disappear, choosing a life of solitude now that she was rejoined. She would continue her research, focusing on rejoining others with their lost memories, hoping that her methods proved more successful than those made by the Unsundered and the Ascians.However, to do this, she had to make a bargain with an entity she refers to as her shadow. This creature may appear to be nothing more than a voidsent bound to a reaper, but those who know what to look for would realize there was something very wrong about this creature. From glowing blue eyes burning like flames under its cowl, high intelligence, and ability to talk to his reaper companion, it's clear there is more to this duo than meets the eye.


Inanna calls the bustling city of Shirogane her home, the busy streets reminding her of her beloved Amaurot. Although she has made her home on the Source, the Viera can often be found on the First, searching for relics of her past and using the people of the star as her personal lab rats.She has watched the Ascians fail in their attempts to rejoin their sacrificed kin and has convinced herself that the Convocation's original promise was nothing but a lie. To correct this great wrong, she has continued her experiments to rejoin souls with mixed results.Her most recent success is a male Viera from the First who rejoined once she brought him to the Source. With his rejoining, Inanna has brought a new monster to the star, a monster determined to fulfill the promises made to the dead no matter the cost.Under the surface, there is something else brewing within Inanna. A connection to a power source more abundant than aether and far more mysterious. Lahabrea's forced slumber and her shadow's constant suppression of her true abilities concealed the truth for centuries. With new threats looming and a power vacuum forming, soon the truth will rise and a new cosmic song will begin.


  • Inanna cannot see aether on her own. She used to gain access to the lifestream via the use of an aether lantern, but now relies on her shadow to guide her to locations where she can reap memories.

  • She loves music, often humming or singing songs from before the sundering to herself when she works.

  • Likes: Rare meat and Pineapple Pozecake, Coffee with lots of cream and sugar, well-aged whiskey, sharp weapons, leather, breaking people to her will, being lusted over, bards, power, the cold, sparrows, silver dashers, and elpis flowers.

  • Dislikes: Being underestimated, people uncovering her past, being caught off guard, anyone trying to get between her and her goals.

  • Fear: Failure, losing access to the lifestream, the Unsundered, losing someone she loves.

  • Strengths: Intelligent, manipulative, oration, research, disappearing, blending into different social groups as needed, lying, and reading people's emotions.

  • Weaknesses: hot-headed, PTSD from her rejoining, nervous around Unsundered, submits to power, selfish, tender-hearted, judgemental, and reckless.

Additional Information

Thanks for dropping by!Discord: SparrowBee#9864In Game: Inanna Kaizen (chillin on Crystal)Post length: I come from a writing background, so paragraph rp is my thing. It might take me a moment to respond to you, but I will! I also love to rp on Discord as well.Themes: character development, angst, mature, romance, slow burn, violence, long term, slice of life, Ascian, Unsundered, horror, politics, and open to additional ideas/concepts

I only RP with people 21+.Because of the nature of Inanna, dark rp tends to happen, but there are limits to how dark it gets. If you want something dark, you must discuss it with me OOC first. Dark rp needs set up and time to develop and if you're not willing to put the time in, neither am I.I do not rp underage relationships, rape, or perma-death.
Injuries must be discussed OOC.
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The White City

Have your dreams been haunted by a vast white city with spires that stretch to the heavens? Inanna might become curious about your dreams, but be careful. Those who trust her to reveal the truth are never the same. If they survive, that is.

Ascian, Ancient, Unsundered

She might say she is an Ascian and can fool most her kind, but a keen eye will see she is rejoined. How she did it and who else she might have rejoined is a mystery.Others may remember her as the slumbering tool of Lahabrea, a dangerous creature best kept caged. She has been missing for centuries and you stumbled into her path. Will she be the torturer of myth, or was her reputation nothing more than gossip? Only one way to find out.For the Unsundered there are probably going to be a lot of questions for the runaway. Not only how she could hide from them, but how she could rejoin herself, alone.What are you planning to do now that Zodiark is dead and gone? Inanna is a curious creature. Tell her your plans and she might want to assist.

Emotional Sways

Inanna's newfound connection to dynamis is untamed and still growing. Maybe you notice a sudden and overwhelming need to lash out at a stranger, or a sudden concern that there are too many eyes looking your way. Maybe you notice the strange behavior in yourself, or, if observant, you see it in others.


Glowing platinum eyes are hard to ignore. Maybe you spot her at a tavern, in between stacks of books, or fighting in the dark. Do her moonlight eyes entice you closer?She is a reaper through and through, but others familiar with the art might notice something off about her voidsent. Do you dare inquire what it whispers to her?